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In the food industry, jobs require that the employees know how to handle food safely. The employee is required to demonstrate his/her skills through a hygiene passport. The Finnish food hygiene passport has been created to promote food safety.

Who needs to have a hygiene passport?

An employee must have a hygiene passport if he/she works in food premises and handles unpackaged perishable foods.

Food premises include for example:
- cafes, restaurants and fast-food places
- food stores, i.e. stores that sell foodstuffs
- institutional kitchens, bakeries and factories that produce foodstuffs.
Perishable foods include for example milk, meat, and fish.

The Finnish Food Authority has compiled a table with examples of tasks/jobs in which the employee needs a Hygiene Passport. The table also shows examples of tasks/jobs where no Hygiene Passport is needed. The table is on the page "Handling of unpackaged, easily perishable foodstuffs in a food establishment”.

Koulutuksen toteutus

IisalmiYou can find study materials e.g. from the following websites: purtavaa puhtaasti (bite clean) purtavaa puhtaasti or ennen hygieniapassitestia ennen hygieniapassitestia.

You must arrive at the test 15 minutes before the start time.

Be prepared to prove your identity with an ID card with a photo (passport, driver's license, Kela card with a photo or similar).

The test is done with a ballpoint pen that leaves a blue mark.
Hygiene passport test
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